The {NOT} So Sweet Side of Fruit

The NOT so sweet side of FRUIT!!

In the "weight loss" craze that has swept the nation in the last 3 decades, the talk has been along the lines of "eat fruits and veggies unlimited". However, it's important to realize that fruit has SUGAR, fructose to be exact.  In in the last 100 years (plus or minus), fruit has been hybridized to be sweeter.  An apple 200 years ago had less than 10g of sugar.  Now the average apple has at least 20g of sugar.  It has been "made" to be sweeter and sweeter to appeal to our sugar addicted culture.  One time I was at Costco, and they had "cotton candy" grapes.  Sounds like a sugar bomb to me!  Yes, fruit has vitamins and minerals, enzymes and fier, and is great at cleansing the digestive tract. The fact is, an overconsumption of fruit can keep the weight on, keep the mood swings going, and make you frustrated wondering what is going on because you feel like you're eating healthy!

Keep these factors in mind when consuming fruit:

**Always combine fruit with a healthy fat or protein (green apple and almond butter or nuts, berries and full fat coconut milk or full fat organic yogurt, green apple and organic cheese/raw cheese, add protein powder to a fruit smoothie with only 1 fruit and one veggie, etc)

**Do not eat fruit for dessert! Fruit digests quickly, and will sit on top of the food that takes a long time to digest (meat can take 8 hours) and the fruit will rot in the gut. Eat fruit in between meals instead. And have herbal tea for dessert ;)

**Aim for LOW SUGAR fruits, like green apples, berries, cantaloupe, papaya, peaches, nectarines, apricots, grapefruit, lemon, lime

**Limit fruit consumption to 1-2 servings a day. I almost always have a green apple and almond butter every day, and I try to have berries too, either in unsweetened coconut yogurt, or I add them to my Shakeology (blueberries are yummy in a chocolate shake!)

**Keep fruit smoothies limited to ONE fruit. Green apple, spinach and lemon make a great smoothie. Or berries, coconut milk or water and a scoop of protein powder. Keep it simple. Combining too many fruits at once creates a sugar bomb!!!!

**Try to stay away from dried fruit, it has ridiculously high amounts of sugar. If you are going to use it in a recipe, like to make a fruit puree or your own jam (yes, you can soak dried fruit in water, add chia seeds, and blend it to make jam!!) always make sure you soak it first, drain the soaking water, and add fresh water

Fill up on veggies first, seeds, nuts, healthy fats, sustainable protein choices, and THEN have a little bit of fruit :)