achieving physical, mental and emotional balance

Over time, the body becomes out of balance from outside stressors, such as poor eating habits, environmental pollutants, negative emotions, mental instability and leading a sedentary life.  ZoneBalance brings the body back to it's original state of wholeness and well being.


On your feet, perfectly laid out, is a map to your entire body. All the systems, organs, bones, muscles, circulation, glands, all the way down to every cell, are represented on your feet. By accessing these signal systems, the body can be brought into balance. Rejuvenation and detoxification occurs, and the body begins to renew itself from the inside out. 



On your face, there is a map of signals that correlate with the inner organs and endocrine glands, as well as the brain and cranial nerves.  During a face zone, negative mental disturbances are removed.  The brain is refreshed and rejuvenated, and the endocrine glands are balanced, therefore balancing the body's hormones.  Many note that they feel light, clear headed and energized after a FaceZoning treatment.  FaceZoning's specialty is that it balanced and rejuvenates the mental body.



On your back, there is a map, a signal system, that correspond with the inner organs, the spinal nerves, the brain and cranial nerves, the endocrine glands and the inner lymphatic system. BackZoning has an affinity for working the emotional body, cause a release of negative emotions that have stored themselves in the inner organs and lymphatic system.  It is ancient healing knowledge that organs can hold onto negative emotions such as fear, grief, worry, anger, and so on.  Balance, release and rejuvenate the emotional body through a BackZoning treatment.